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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

​My Soul-Nourishing Trip to California

I recently got back from a marvelous trip to California. It’s a trip I’d been planning for a year: meet up with 3 good friends from high school and attend a music festival in Pasadena, “Cruel World.”

I kicked off the trip in San Francisco, visiting a dear friend I hadn’t seen in over a decade. After a few fun-filled days we drove to LA to meet with two other great friends.

The 4 of us hadn’t been together since high school and it was the most wonderful reunion! The following afternoon was spent with another friend, who lives locally, who hosted a gathering for us along with a few mutual friends. It was a beautiful, relaxing California day with people I love. I was wholly present and aware of my full, grateful heart.

The next day was the festival. The all-day event was a fantastic mix of new wave, goth, post-punk, 80’s alternative rock bands like Blondie, DEVO, Morrissey, Bauhaus, The Psychedelic furs, English Beat, and more. Being outside, watching some of my favorite bands, dancing, singing, and being surrounded by thousands of happy strangers was thrilling and life-affirming.

My heart is filled with gratitude, delight, and love as I cherish and reflect on what was, for me, a series of soul-nourishing experiences: joyful connection with friends, the exhilaration of being outdoors in a crowd of thousands, all experiencing the uplifting energy of music, and sharing in the magic of a blood moon lunar eclipse.

It was a striking reminder how important nourishing your soul is to wellness, holistic health, and healing.

How do you nourish your soul?

For more, tune in to podcast episode 75, “What Nourishes Your Soul?” where I discuss what nourishing your soul means and how you can incorporate soul-nourishing experiences into your life.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


P.S. If your soul (and body) are in need of care and nourishment, I can help you. Click here to set up a free wellness coaching call with me.

June 1, 2022



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