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You know most of the right things to eat. Right?

So what’s holding you back from nourishing yourself like you deserve?

Welcome to Nourish Till You Flourish, my 9-week small group coaching program that goes beyond the traditional nutritional advice to focus on the most essential ingredients — your thoughts and your mindset. Because once you gain control of how you think about yourself, your body, and your nutrition — healing becomes easier and more sustainable than you ever thought possible.


Join Alyssa's 9-week Small Group Coaching to Live a Positively Anti-Inflammatory Life

The January 2023 group has reached capacity. 


"This course has been a catalyst for multiple healthy choices in my life but more importantly for a healthier mindset...I constantly think about the lessons discussed throughout the course. I feel more positive and hopeful about all aspects of my life." - C.A.



       You woke up feeling rested and ready to take on the day

         You were continually kind to yourself in your thoughts and actions

          You believed and trusted in yourself, and honored your needs 

          You maintained healthy boundaries to prioritize self-care

          You confidently set realistic goals and expectations around your progress 

          You consistently made food choices that nourish your body

          You lived mindfully and intentionally



Nourish Till You Flourish supplies you with the tools, guidance, and inspiration for you to let go of self-criticism and develop self-acceptance and self-love. You will discover how to connect with your inner wisdom. You will feel more aligned with making choices that serve your best interest. 



          All or nothing, perfectionist thinking

          Prioritizing everyone but yourself

          Frustration for not following through on your healthy intentions 

          Struggling with guilt or shame around your nutrition and lifestyle choices

          Confusion about how to actually nourish yourself in order to feel better 

          Feeling discouraged due to lack of motivation and accountability 


If you’re thinking "THAT'S ME!" to one or more of these, then Nourish Till You Flourish is for YOU.

The January 2023 group has reached capacity. Email Alyssa to get on the waitlist for the next round, dates TBD. 

"I now feel more confident in my abilities & self-worth, have taken up a regular meditation practice, strive for mindful eating and supportive nutrition on the daily, no longer suffer from energy crashes & brain fog and feel that now I have even more tools in my kit to set myself up for success." - M.C.


Alyssa’s Promise To You

When you commit to prioritizing yourself and your health by joining Nourish Till You Flourish, you will experience both immediate and life-long positive change in your mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle. Immersing yourself in this stimulating and enriching program will transform your outlook and overall well being. 

Nourish Till You Flourish is an immersion and investment in your health and healing.

Here’s how Nourish Till You Flourish works:

This 9-week course is your foundational holistic wellness roadmap. There are three components: mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle. The first three weeks we delve into mindset, thoughts, and beliefs, followed by three weeks of nutrition, digestion, and intentional eating. We conclude with three weeks focused on anti-inflammatory living, compassionate habit making skills, setting boundaries, and other lifestyle practices.


During our 9 weeks together you will receive:

  Nourish Till You Flourish printable workbook PDF that includes lessons, teachings,            and articles to make it easy for you to consume and apply the content

  An Anti-Inflammatory Shopping List, Meal Prep, and Recipe Booklet

  Nine 90-minute weekly live group coaching video calls on Zoom. Replays will be    available

  Ongoing email and text support from Alyssa for you to address your specific needs or  concerns 

  Weekly emails with resources, teachings, and inspiration associated with the 

  current focus and topic

  Access to our private Nourish Till You Flourish Facebook Group

  Weekly journaling, writing assignments, and exercises, with discussion and feedback

  Connection and community with the opportunity to engage in conversation, support,

  and suggestions for addressing your personal health goals and concerns

 A 1:1 hour-long evaluation session with Alyssa after the program where you'll receive a personalized nutrition & lifestyle protocol and action plan


Nourish Till You Flourish provides you with personal support and coaching with Alyssa. When you join the program, you will enter into a judgement-free community of like-minded people. Invest in yourself to access the benefits of Alyssa’s trusted expertise and the impact of the program's proven results.

9 week program + Bonus 1 week wrap-up

Includes a 1:1 hour-long evaluation session with Alyssa after the program where you'll receive a personalized nutrition & lifestyle protocol and

action plan


"Every day now I incorporate practices and thought processes into my life that I learned during the course. If you're on the fence about signing up, this is your sign: DO IT! It is absolutely worth the money and I'm a healthier person (both mentally and physically) because of it." - A.S. 

Hi, I’m Alyssa!

Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Wellness Coach


I've been passionately educating, motivating, connecting, and coaching in some capacity for most of my life. 

For the past twenty year I directed my energy and commitment to building community and bringing others unique opportunities through producing local and national arts and cultural events and programs. I also shared my creativity and love of inspiring, entertaining, and connecting with people through performing and teaching burlesque all over the world. I did all of this while navigating an autoimmune disease.

But then I hit rock bottom 10 years ago with the disease, rheumatoid arthritis. I chose to make significant lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition changes which led me to create my unique holistic wellness approach.

I taught myself to be kind and loving towards myself and my state of health. I became resilient with managing chronic pain and discovered how to support proper digestion and improve my gut health. I overcame a perfectionist mindset, freed myself from body image issues, and found sustainable vibrant energy and mental clarity. What’s most important is that I finally relinquished self-judgement, and negative self-talk. Learning to trust, love, and honor myself, I set healthy boundaries and I made my health and healing top priority.

I developed my nutrition and wellness coaching practice to share my love, energy, experience, and expertise in order to inspire, support and help others. I am eager and excited to connect and share all of this with you!

“Truthfully, I feel like I could take this program three more times and get something simplistically profound every time.”

- L.L.

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