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This six-month journey working with Alyssa, has made a significant difference in my daily life. I find it easier to wake up with a peaceful feeling rather than waiting for the next shoe to drop. I start each day calmer and ready to tackle the day because I have a plan in place. From hydration and meditation to a healthier view of food, the inflammation has decreased significantly. I am able to participate in activities that I love again. When stress creeps up, I now have tools to work through it. Having Alyssa in my life has been a source of comfort on this journey to a healthier, anti-inflammatory lifestyle and reduced pain. The impact she has had on me, and by extension my family, is priceless. I am forever grateful!

- Erica S., Long Island, NY

I sought out Alyssa's help when I was newly diagnosed with an inflammatory condition, and I didn't want to just accept that there wasn't anything I could do other than take medication and wait and hope that it would work. Now, if you're looking for someone to hand you a list of foods that you should or shouldn't eat and send you on your merry way, Alyssa's practice is not for you. She truly takes the concept of "wellness" and helps you to understand what that means FOR YOU. Before I started working with Alyssa, I felt disconnected from my body, not really knowing how to listen to it, or even why I should. With her nurturing guidance, I was able to dig deeper into thoughts, beliefs and actions that were holding me back from making beneficial lifestyle changes. We took things slowly, and as I started to try new things or make small changes, I noticed how my body AND mind responded. Wow. Alyssa was by my side positively and genuinely encouraging and supporting me every step of the way. I now feel more connected to my body and in better control of my health and future.

- Cher K., Barrington, NH

Working with Alyssa has been an instrumental part of my personal growth. Our discussions and writing exercises really gave me an opportunity to dismantle many of the unrealistic ideas and expectations I had of my body. These insights allowed me to re-define my relationship with healing, and wellness. Through this work my body is no longer my enemy and has become my greatest ally.  

- Laura L., Minneapolis, MN

Because of working with Alyssa, I'm that much further along on my path to recovery from Hashimoto's and Epstein Barr Virus and have been able to make some concrete changes in my life. I now feel more confident in my abilities & self-worthhave taken up a regular meditation practice, strive for mindful eating and supportive nutrition on the daily, no longer suffer from energy crashes & brain fog and feel that now I have even more tools in my kit to set myself up for success. 

- Michelle C., Nashville, TN

Before working with Alyssa I felt lost, in regards to healing and my health. I had been experiencing hives, pain, inflammation, and emotional stress on top of it. Alyssa truly sets you up for success, if you want to do the work. I learned so much about my health, inside and out. No, a few new recipes wouldn’t help make all my problems go away. I had to dig deeper. The journaling she gave me really did uncover a lot for me. Made me think what my body was trying to tell me through the messages I was being given. Taking baby steps to start new practices, new routines. More self love, less self sabotage. Alyssa is open, honest, empathetic, and someone who actually gets it and has gone through it. She’s incredibly easy to talk to and open up too. Alyssa wants you to win, succeed, and grow. I honestly cannot recommend working with Alyssa enough.

- Adrienne J., Denver, CO

I couldn't have known what a transformation I would experience! Working with Alyssa was not about a quick fix or losing a few pounds or really anything cosmetic; instead, Alyssa encouraged me to examine my own patterns, my own choices and my own need for growth and change; she gave me the information, tools and skills to deeply investigate the ways in which I was either fortifying or forsaking my own body through nutrition or lack thereof. 


Alyssa's work is powerful because she knows how to crystallize all those facets in a way that is nothing short of transformational.


A trusted professional, she was consistently available for me, always positive and encouraging. She would remind me, this was not a boot camp and there was no one trying to shame or scare me into changing my ways.

With Alyssa's help I have completely transformed the way I eat, what I eat and how I choose to use tools such as fitness or meditation to improve my overall health and wellbeing. I am so grateful to her for taking me on as a client and I continue to benefit from our work together, and I imagine I will for the rest of my life!  

- Kirsten M., Brooklyn, NY

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