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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

3 Strategies to Alleviate Time Anxiety

How often do you feel like you just don’t have enough time, or that time is working against you, or that you’re wasting too much time?

If thoughts like these create stress, making you feel panicky or frazzled, then you may have “time anxiety.”

Time anxiety is the terrible feeling that you never have enough time and aren’t doing enough with the time you do have.

One of the things I often say to myself is, “I’m wasting time,” which exacerbates the pressure I put on myself to make the “most” of my time.

What about you? How often do you feel anxiety over time?

Do you pressure yourself, feeling rushed and overwhelmed because you think there’s never enough time?

Here are a few time anxiety symptoms that might feel familiar:

  • A constant need to rush (even when there’s no need to)

  • Overly concerned about being late

  • Always running late

  • Afraid of missing out (specific events or common life milestones)

  • Getting stuck by decision paralysis

  • Not taking breaks or time off because you feel you can’t afford to, or don’t deserve to

  • Feeling upset when you don’t finish everything on to on your to-do list

  • Getting stuck in the what if’s? Worried about what MIGHT happen in the future

3 strategies to alleviate time anxiety

1. Define what “time well spent” means to you

Imagine your quality life and create a short list of the enjoyable activities that always seem to get you into the flow and bring value to your life, with no thought about time or outcome.

2. Make space for things that matter to you

Think of where you can incorporate these moments into your life. On your commute? In the evenings? Weekends? Make space for the activities you enjoy and value. Think about creating space rather than worrying about making time. It’s about shifting your perspective.

3. Eliminate time-consuming distractions

Where can you remove time-consuming distractions? For example, do a quick audit of your content consumption patterns. When you slowly begin to eliminate distractions, it’s amazing to see how much extra time, space, and energy you have.

Alleviating time anxiety requires shifting your focus to becoming mindful, intentional and frugal about how you allocate your energy. Staying focused on things you are in control of helps keep you in the flow of life, bringing you greater sense of peace.

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P.S. Time anxiety got you down? I got you. There's lots more info and good times on the podcast, episode 102, "Alleviating Time Anxiety."

December 7, 2022


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