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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

5 Thoughtful Ways to Take Care of Yourself Over the Holidays

As 2021 draws to a close (can you believe it?!), I've been reflecting on how to optimize this last month.

I recommend focusing on gratitude, wellness, and abundance.

With this in mind, I am sharing 5 thoughtful and simple ways to take care of yourself over the holidays.

1. Give Yourself Permission

Ask yourself, what is one thing that is important for me to give myself permission for this month?

Give yourself permission to take care of your personal needs like prioritizing sleep.Give yourself permission to set boundaries for yourself like declining certain events you don’t want to attend.

2. Create a Priority Pledge

Choose three things you are going to commit to this holiday season.

Write them down on a post-it and put it somewhere you’ll see it often like on your car’s dashboard or on your refrigerator.

A few examples of a Priority Pledge:

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

  • Eat protein with every meal. Protein (and healthy fats) keep you satiated, will help you avoid binge eating, and stops post-meal blood sugar spikes

  • Move your body in ways that feel good to you for at least 10 minutes a day

3. Slow Down and Breathe

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Sad? Worried? Exhausted? Breathe. We sometimes forget the healing power of our breath. It’s free and available 24/7. One of my favorite nervous system calming breathing techniques is 4-7-8 breathing.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Empty the lungs of air

  2. Breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds

  3. Hold the breath for a count of 7 seconds

  4. Exhale through the mouth, pursing the lips and making a “whoosh” sound, for 8 seconds

  5. repeat the cycle 4 times

4. Do an Emotional Check-In

Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How am I feeling right now?

  2. What is my body telling me that I need?

  3. What would actively strengthen my physical, emotional and spiritual health this month?

  4. What is my emotional intention for this new month? Check out my podcast episode 39 “Setting Emotional Intentions” to learn step-by-step instructions

  5. What is one thing I am grateful for this month?

  6. What is one thing I'm looking forward to this month?

5. Schedule Something to Look Forward to 2022.

With all the buildup, anticipation and energy spent during the holiday season, we sometimes have that post-holiday crash and the winter blues set in.

If this feels familiar, I encourage you to make plans and schedule something fun to look forward to after the new year.

Perhaps a concert with a friend, getting a massage, or going on a fun day-trip. Whatever you choose, the idea is to shift your perspective, schedule something that you know will bring you joy, and keep you looking forward.

Happy December!

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


December 1, 2021



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