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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

Cheers to a Holiday Detox!

I love the festive energy of the holiday season. I love lighting the Hanukkah menorah each night and watching the flames flicker in my cute Brooklyn apartment. I love Christmas music and decorated trees sparkling in the snow. I love it all! But I also know that not everyone feels the same way and, for many, the holidays can also bring stress, sadness and loneliness.

Regardless of whether you’re feeling the holiday spirit or you can’t wait for them to be over, I’d like to offer suggestions for a Holiday Detox to help you take care of yourself during this season.

Social Media Detox

Turn your phone off. Or better yet, delete Instagram and Facebook from your phone for a day or a week. If deleting an app seems too daunting, then at least put your phone away and be present when you’re out celebrating with family or friends. If you don’t capture and post the fantastic time you’re having, it will be okay. In fact, I suspect that by living in the moment, you’ll have a much better time. Or, if you tend to get caught up in looking at other people’s feeds and it makes you feel sad, unfollow those people. We’re so wrapped up in our world of social media that it’s quite freeing when you let go.

Lemon Water Detox

Staying hydrated during the wintertime is super important! We tend to think we don’t need as much water compared to warmer months, but we do! An easy way to kick off your day is with a mug of warm lemon water. Squeeze ½ an organic lemon into a mug of warm lemon water (I heat my water in the kettle). Warm lemon water hydrates you after a night’s sleep, is a digestive aid, is detoxifying, and is a natural flush. Plus, by helping flush your body and improving digestion, lemon water can lead to cleaner skin and a healthier weight. What’s not to love, right?

Over Indulgence Detox

If you find yourself hungover or feeling crappy and bloated after too much holiday indulgence, please do not beat yourself up and definitely do not deprive yourself the next day. Make sure to eat a healthy dose of protein, fats and veggies to help balance your blood sugar, hydrate with plenty of water - coffee does not count - and move your body (go for a walk, to the gym, take a yoga class) to help flush your system and keep your blood flowing!

Detrimental Thoughts Detox

Do the holidays bring negative or detrimental thoughts? Feelings of “less than” or loneliness? Take some time to explore what about the holiday season has created this kind of thinking. Certainly these thoughts do not serve you or your highest good so it’s time to replace them! First, you have to get them out in the open. For this, I recommend that you do a “thought download.” This means emptying those thoughts onto paper to help get them out of your mind. I suggest getting pen and paper, setting the alarm on your phone for 10 minutes, and, for the full 10 minutes, writing out all your thoughts about the holidays, and your relationship with it, that come to mind. No censorship, no distractions, just pure writing for 10 straight minutes. Just get it all out.

Whether you choose to celebrate or avoid the holiday season, my wish is that you take very good care of you! Choose whichever Holiday Detox you resonate to, if not all, and enjoy a healthy, happy season. Cheers!




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