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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

Is sex good for immunity?

Hey there,

Are you having sex right now?

Well, not actually at this exact moment! But rather during this time, are you sexually active?

Did you know that sex supports your body’s ability to make protective antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and other germs that cause illness?

Yep. Having sex supports your immune health.

Now, I am not sharing this to make anyone who isn’t having sex feel deprived or that their missing out, I am sharing this with you because it’s another reminder that human connection, human contact is critical to our health.

And our sexuality and sexual activity is a part of our lifestyle.

So now that I have your attention, I’m wondering: besides the obvious of not going out to brunch, birthday parties, traveling, and the like, how has the coronavirus situation changed your lifestyle the past few months?

And what does lifestyle mean anyway?

Lifestyle is someone’s way of living. Such as the things you do, how you live your life, what you spend your time and money on, and it’s expressed in your work and leisure activities, your values, opinions, and interests.

Lifestyle also encompasses how you cope with your physical, psychological, social, and economic environments on a day-to-day basis. So, how you are choosing to cope is manifested through the lifestyle actions you are taking.

Today is the third of my three-part series “A Holistic Approach to Boosting Immunity.” What is the connection between lifestyle & immunity?

Can lifestyle changes boost your immune system?

Hells Yes! Health habits can slow or enhance your immune system and researchers continue to explore the effects of these lifestyle factors on the immune response.

Healthy living and lifestyle strategies are super important as a defense in giving your immune system the upper hand in the fight against invading germs. Your whole being, not just your immune system, functions better when it’s bolstered by a healthy lifestyle.

Here are seven tried and true basic healthy lifestyle tips:

1. Have safe sex

  • Nuff said.

2. Don’t smoke

  • Nuff said.

3. Exercise regularly

  • Exercise increases your resilience so you can fight off infection. Plus it promotes the healthy turnover of immune cells. Strive for at least 10 minutes a day, ideally 30 minutes, of moving your body such as walking or biking. Personally, I think it’s time to Sweat to the Oldies with Richard Simmons! Amirite?!

4. Get enough sleep

  • Sleep is a beautiful, invaluable time that your body needs to heal and detox. During sleep, your vital organs, muscles, nerves, and brain rest and rejuvenate. When you're sleep-deprived, your body churns out stress hormones like cortisol to keep you awake and alert, which suppresses your immune system. Aim to create a consistent bedtime and wake time and stick to it every day.

5. If you drink alcohol, only do so in moderation

  • While it may be tempting to indulge in several more cocktails than you normally would during this coronavirus sitchy, alcohol is inflammatory and too much alcohol puts your immune health in jeopardy.

6. Try to minimize stress

  • When you have a steady flow of stress hormones pumping through your body, it makes it hard for your body to keep you well. Lowering your stress levels through relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and other practices can help improve your immune function.

7. Have fun, laugh, and connect with others

  • Laughing and enjoying yourself decreases stress and enhances your immune system. While connecting with others may look different during the current situation, connecting, and laughing with friends and family has the ability to reduce your stress levels, is a powerful way to strengthen your immune system. Laughter has wonderful long-lasting effects.

Let's go a little deeper into this! Join me tomorrow, Wednesday, May 20 for my weekly Facebook Live Workshop.

WHAT: How to Boost Your Immune System through Lifestyle WHEN: Wed. 5/20 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST / 10am PST WHERE: LIVE on my FB page, Alyssa at Wellness HQ. WHY: Cuz you're awesome and I want to connect & discuss this with you.



P.S. Save the date! I’m back next Wednesday, 5/27 at 1pm EST for my weekly Facebook Live!

P.P.S. Catch the YouTube replay of part 2 in this series: "How to Boost Immunity through Nutrition"

May 19, 2020



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