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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

3 Awesome Benefits of Guided Meditation

Thinking about starting a meditation practice? Or want to get back into it? Guided meditations are a great place to start.​

I practice guided meditations almost daily. They help keep me calm, connected, grounded, and reassured.

Guided meditations are great for beginners because all that’s required is that you listen to the voice of your guide.

Your guide may walk you through mental imagery, breathing exercises, body scans, mantras, and/or visualizations.

Guided meditations allow you to tap into the power of your imagination and access the power of visualization to bring about positive personal changes.

In my research, I found several studies that show when you meditate regularly, you will likely experience physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health benefits.

Here are 3 awesome benefits of guided meditation

1. Reduces Stress: Consistent meditation practice slows down your heart rate and can help you change your response to stress, recover from stressful situations more easily, and experience less stress in your everyday life.

2. Improves Sleep: When done before bedtime, guided meditations improves sleep and reduces sleep troubles because it activates the body’s parasympathetic relaxation response and naturally increases melatonin (the “sleep hormone”) levels in your brain.

3. Improves Physical Health: Practicing guided meditation on a daily basis can improve physical health in a number of ways including increasing blood circulation, lowering heart rate, reducing chronic pain, helping maintain a healthy heart, and alleviating gastrointestinal issues.

Sounds good, right?

If you’re this week’s episode 37, “An Exercise on Meaning and Insight” of my podcast Positively Anti-Inflammatory, I take you on a guided meditation where you’ll have the opportunity to tap into your innate wisdom surrounding your health.

The purpose of this guided meditation is to glean meaning and insight surrounding the disease, illness or health issue you are experiencing. Please be sure to listen to this episode when you are able to sit or lay down in a quiet, comfortable place.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


September 8, 2021



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