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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

3 Ways to Let Go of Resistance

You know when you wake up feeling gloomy and that feeling creates emotional discomfort and internal commentary, “Here we go again, another gloomy day. What’s wrong with me? I shouldn’t be feeling like this.”

This kind of reaction only amplifies the gloominess experienced.

Sometimes we go through experiences or have emotions that we deem as wrong, bad or uncomfortable, so we resist them.

Will resisting make it go away? Nope.

When you resist you are essentially doing two things:

1) You are placing judgment on your reality 2) You are arguing with your reality

Resistance keeps you stuck, creating additional distress. Now instead, imagine waking up feeling gloomy and thinking, “Oh, hello gloominess, this doesn’t feel comfortable but that’s okay” and allow the feeling.

Remind yourself that everyone experiences gloominess at times, and it’s a “normal” human emotion.

When you bring acceptance and compassion rather than negative commentary to the emotion or circumstance, you open yourself to peace.

What are you resisting in your life?

3 Ways To Let Go Of Resistance

1. Notice When You Are Resisting

When you experience a difficult emotion, slow down, take a deep breath and acknowledge, “fear is there” or “this is anxiety.” When you notice yourself resisting, acknowledge, “resistance is there.”

2. Allow Space for the Difficulty to Be There

After you acknowledge that the uncomfortable feeling is present, ask yourself, “Could I welcome it in… give it space to be here?” And, what happens to the fear (or disappointment, frustration, etc) if you don’t mind it being there?

3) Soften and Relax

Pause, breathe, soften, and relax into any resistance by engaging in soothing touch, such as rubbing your legs, placing your hands on your heart, or relaxing your jaw.

Difficult situations and emotions are an unavoidable fact of life, just as joyous and pleasurable situations and emotions are a fact of life. The more open we are to allowing whatever appears in both our inner and outer world, the more ease we experience.

Want more? Tune into podcast episode 113, What You Resist Persists.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


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February 22, 2023



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