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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

"I now feel more confident in my abilities & self-worth" {Read Michelle's story}

I received an inspiring testimonial from one of my "Nourish Till You Flourish" participants, and I am pleased to share it with you, as we are all searching for connection, encouragement, and positive change.

"Before I took Alyssa's Nourish Till You Flourish program, my life was in a personal crisis. I had just ended a ten year, long term relationship, was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Epstein Barr Virus a few months prior, was transitioning to living on my own and because of COVID-19, attempting to find full-time work. Any one of these hurdles on their own would be plenty for one person to go through, but all of them at once proved for a super trying time.

Because we have known each other as friends & colleagues for almost ten years, Alyssa had reached out to me, knowing what a difficult time I was going through and suggested signing up for the course for some extra support. Though I had already been exploring functional medicine care with a local practitioner, I couldn't have been more grateful for Alyssa's intuition and advice.

Over the period of six weeks, I greatly benefitted from connecting with other class participants and found so much value in not only our weekly group sessions, but most especially with the one-on-one calls. Alyssa provided a judgement free zone in which we could safely communicate and made approaching these "big lifestyle/nutrition/mindset changes" digestible with a realistic approach. I think it's so easy to get locked into this all-or-nothing strategy when shifting personal habits and behaviors but have quickly learned that's not a sustainable practice. Having been on her own healing journey for quite some time, I really appreciate Alyssa's relatable, communication style and felt so encouraged by her as a coach & nutritional therapist.

Because of her, I'm that much further along on my path to recovery and have been able to make some concrete changes in my life. I'm happy to report that I now feel more confident in my abilities & self-worth, have taken up a regular meditation practice, strive for mindful eating and supportive nutrition on the daily, no longer suffer from energy crashes & brain fog and feel that now I have even more tools in my kit to set myself up for success. The class is manageable, informative and quite frankly, life altering - even if you aren't going through major transitions, I would absolutely recommend Nourish Till You Flourish so you can be that much closer to literally living your best life!" - Michelle C.

Nourish Till You Flourish is an intimate 6-week holistic wellness coaching program.

We start a new "Nourish Till You Flourish" group on Monday, December 7th and I'd love for you to join us.

Early bird enrollment opens next week, space is limited.

Reply to this email with questions and to join the waitlist.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,





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