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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

Reflections on Turning 50

My 50th birthday was on January 15th and I am entering my 50's with clarity, feeling confident, grounded, and grateful for the nurturing relationship I’ve cultivated with myself.

I’m sharing this with you because the way I approached this milestone birthday was drastically different than when I turned 40 and I hope you find meaning and inspiration in my story.

10 years ago, on my 40th birthday, I was not in a great place physically or emotionally. I was in severe pain from the autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis. I was self-critical and judgmental about my age and where I thought I “should” be in my life. I spent my 40th birthday alone and depressed.

Later that year I hit rock bottom with RA health issues, and my dad died. It was devastating, and while I had many wonderful opportunities happening in my life, I found myself in a dark place, knowing I needed to change and prioritize myself and my healing. So, my 40’s were dedicated to that – learning prioritize myself and my health by making significant mindset, nutrition and lifestyle shifts.

Approaching 50, I organically took action to celebrate myself. I set up a fabulous 50th birthday photo shoot, organized an intimate dinner with close friends at a favorite NYC restaurant, I hosted a blowout birthday party at my apartment, and a few weeks later, my mom threw me a second 50th birthday party in my hometown of Minneapolis!

At 50 I find myself in a remarkably better emotional and physical place than when I turned 40. Even though 50 is a big number if that’s the oldest you’ve ever been, it hasn’t felt worrisome and I am no longer judging myself for where I think I “should” be in my life.

All in all, 50 feels amazing.

I also love doing what I do -- helping people who are ready to prioritize and heal their relationship with themselves, food, and their body.

I am currently open to new 1:1 nutritional therapy and holistic wellness clients.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


P.S. Listen to this week’s podcast 112 where I share my Reflections on Turning 50.

February 15, 2023


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