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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

“Thank you for giving me my wife back”

Don’t you love receiving positive feedback?

I often receive testimonials from clients, which of course makes me very happy!

But this is a first -- I received a “Thank you for giving me my wife back” note from the husband of one of my clients:

“I’m so grateful for the positive change you are helping Erica make.

We were both coming off a stretch of chronic pain, surgeries and other stressful life events.

We were unable to do the simplest things we enjoy doing together like riding our tandem bike and going for walks to the water in the evening.

Erica and I were both in a pretty tough place both emotionally and physically.

Since Erica has made new changes in her lifestyle, because of your guidance, she is back to her old self.

She is lighter in spirit, more active and is able to enjoy more and more without chronic pain.

It’s never easy making changes in your life, especially ones outside of your comfort zone.

She could never have done it without you, Alyssa.


P.S. Having said that, I’ll never forgive you for introducing Brussels sprouts to our home. There is nothing worse than coming home from work with the house wreaking of that horrid vegetable.”

Well, my heart burst and I busted out laughing from the Brussels sprouts comment.

I help people heal holistically through positive and personalized nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle changes.

Are you one of those people?

Email me at and let’s set up an exploratory call.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


October 13, 2021



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