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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

Waiting for Results: How Not to Worry (And My Recent Biopsy)

A few weeks ago I had a follow-up sonogram after an abnormality was discovered in an area between my right armpit and breast earlier this year. To my dismay, they requested I come back in immediately for a biopsy the next day.

I felt dazed and confused as the doctor explained what would happen during the procedure and while the receptionist booked my appointment.

Walking out of the radiology office, I allowed dread and doom thoughts to permeate my brain. It didn’t feel good and those anxious thoughts fueled my concern.

So what did I do? I paused, noticed those thoughts, and made a conscious decision not to worry (sometimes easier said than done). I recognized the futility of worrying about something over which I had no control.

The following day, before and during the procedure, I practiced deep breathing exercises and repeated loving affirmations to myself like, “I love you,” and “You are safe,” which helped me feel secure in my body, present, and protected.

But after the biopsy, as I walked out of the radiology office, once again those same dread and doom thoughts from the day before began to permeate my brain.

So what did I do? I allowed myself to feel fear and worry for a brief time. Then I remade my commitment to let go of needlessly worrying and instead, focus on thinking of all the ways I take care of myself, and acknowledge the loving and supportive relationship I have cultivated with myself and my body.

The results would be what they would be and I would deal with that then. In the meantime, I was not going to lose several days worrying myself sick while I waited. I was going to spend those days enjoying my life!

How do you deal with waiting for results or handle getting through times of uncertainty?

Join me today for podcast episode 78 “Waiting for Results: How Not to Worry (And My Recent Biopsy)” as I share the full story of my biopsy experience, what I did to support myself while waiting for the results, and I recommend 3 tips for how not to worry.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


P.S. Listen to the episode to find out what happened.

June 22, 2022


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