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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

Your March 2024 Forecast and Affirmation

Glimmers of spring are abundant here in NYC. 

March is upon us, ushering in a time of new growth, beginnings, and change -- the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Reflecting back, last March was a pivotal time for me. I experienced joy and uplifting change in both my professional and personal life.

Now, a year later, while I am confident in my growth, I also have insecurities, as we all do. Feelings of gratitude, trust, nostalgia, and optimism continue to swirl through my heart and mind as we enter this new season. 

You know how I love sharing Louise Hay’s affirmations with you. Here’s March 2024:

I welcome change, as I know it is full of opportunities for me. I refuse to limit myself and am always willing to take the next step. I have nothing to fear. This month I keep in mind that it is safe for me to be vulnerable, and expressing my emotions is very healthy. It is okay to be sad sometimes. Sadness is just another feeling. I allow it to be, and then it passes away. I see the world through eyes of love and acceptance and know that everything in my life is working out for my highest good. It is only change, and I am safe. All is well, and even better things are coming my way. 

This affirmation resonates deeply and there’s a lot to unpack, which I do in this week’s podcast, “​Your March 2024 Forecast and Affirmation​.”

Part of the affirmation that I’d like to highlight here is, I refuse to limit myself and am always willing to take the next step. I have nothing to fear.” 

This isn’t always true for me. 

Is it for you?

So then let’s ask ourselves:

  • What if I refused to limit myself?

  • What if I was always willing to take the next step?

  • What if I felt I had nothing to fear?

Holy crap! Think of the possibilities. Imagine letting go of self-imposed limitations and fear to allow for change and transformation. 

When you think about your health, what are your fears? How do you limit yourself? What needs to change? Are you willing to take the next step?

You are not alone. I’d love to help you. ​Email me to set up a consult call​.

Happy March!

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


February 29, 2024



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