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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

Finding Peace and Mindfulness (A Breathing Exercise)

One of the self-care activities that helped me get through the 2020 was listening to guided meditations and joining sound healing circles, conscious breathing and mindfulness talks, on the free app, InsightTimer.

I came across musician Jonathan Adams aka Sonic Yogi and his Sound Healing and Meditation sessions. One of his sessions that made a lasting impression was the one in which he taught the breathing mantra

I am here now

I am peace now I am

He guided us to breathe in, “I am here now” and to exhale, “I am peace now I am” while he was chanting the words and playing Tibetan singing bowls.

If you’ve ever listened to Tibetan singing bowls, they have a profound calming and healing effect. The bowls create resonant sounds and powerful vibrations, promoting relaxation and energy flow.

Sound healing is an ancient practice and has roots in sacred musical tradition around the world. Science is now beginning to show how sound therapy can have profound effects on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Given the state of the world, we are most certainly in need of peace, mindfulness and healing. So in this week’s podcast, ​Finding Peace and Mindfulness (A Breathing Exercise)​, I guide you through a mindful breathing exercise that will help ground you and bring you into the present moment.

When we slow down, and tune in and intentionally breath, we are able to access our own healing powers of connection, love, and peace. I am grateful that conscious breathing and sound healing have since become a part of my nervous system regulating, self-care practice.

In the meantime, take a moment right now to place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and breathe in “I am here now” and release, “I am peace now I am.”

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


P.S. My Friend, You deserve to feel good in your body, breath and spirit, and I would love to help you. Click here to set up your free consult call with me.

November 8, 2023


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