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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

From Pharmacist to Holistic Energy Healer

When I went back to school for Nutritional Therapy in 2017, it was a whole new field for me.

Up until that time, my healing journey from the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis had focused on making significant lifestyle and mindset changes. I made the decision to prioritize my health and set boundaries around my activities. I stopped performing burlesque full-time so I could give my body restorative rest and sleep. I committed to slowing down and learned to listen to my body’s messages, all while letting go of self-judgment and self-criticism and practicing self-compassion.

Years before I had eliminated dairy and gluten to help tame inflammation, but I had never formally studied the science of nutrition.

I loved my program at the Nutritional Therapy Association. My teachers were brilliant, the curriculum fascinating and demanding, and my classmates inspiring.

One of my classmates who stood out with her brains and fun energy was Loredana Shapson. She had been a pharmacist for over a decade, and I thought it fascinating that she was in the midst of making a career change into holistic health.

Lorednana and I have kept in touch and I am grateful to call her a friend and colleague. I am continually inspired by curiosity and dedication to learning, her knowledge of science, the human body and its energy systems and fields, and her gift of helping people heal.

I am thrilled to have Loredana on today’s podcast episode 79, Pharmacist Turned Holistic Energy Healer with Dr. Loredana Shapson.”

Tune in to hear Loredana’s journey to becoming a pharmacist, her experience working with patients in the pharmaceutical field, and why she shifted directions and became a holistic health practitioner focusing on energy healing, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle modifications. Our lively conversation also touches upon the effects of mold toxicity, dealing with personal health issues, the importance of prioritizing your health now, and more!

Love, Your Wellness Coach


June 29, 2022



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