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  • Alyssa Abrahamson

No, You're Not Lazy

I do not allow my clients to call themselves lazy.

They will inevitably call themself lazy at some point, and I will tell them they are not allowed to ever say that about themselves again.

And neither are you.

I don’t care if you haven’t gone to the gym in 3 months even if you promised yourself you’d go.

I don't care if you didn’t organize your piles of paper like you said you would.

I don’t care if you haven’t had a drink of water in 2 days. Well, I actually do, please go drink some water.

Because the deal is – you are not lazy.

You know what you are?


We all tend to choose what’s easy over what takes some effort.

You simply haven’t made it - that thing you want to do - a priority yet.

Plus, there's also a chance you’re stuck in all or nothing, perfectionist thinking.

Fear of failure. Fear of imperfection = Stick with what's comfortable. Stick with what’s effortless or familiar.

(Even if it's bringing you anguish or discomfort.)

This is completely normal. This is your primitive human brain at its finest.

But the problem is, when you stay in your comfort zone, or when you continually call yourself lazy, you perpetuate that state of mind.

Is this helpful?

No, of course not.

This is what we work on in Nourish Till You Flourish.

I teach you to be kind to your mind.

I teach you to cultivate self-awareness around your thoughts and beliefs and discover and release whatever is holding you back from making mindful and helpful choices and decisions.

​Nourish Till You Flourish is my small group, 9-week coaching program.

I create a safe, inclusive, fun and warm environment – so you feel welcomed, heard, and validated.

When you join Nourish Till You Flourish you get both personalized attention and support for your specific health challenges and you learn from others at the same time.

What’s holding you back from nourishing yourself like you deserve?

Join now and I will help you blast any negative self-talk out of the water!

DETAILS HERE (we begin January 24, 2023).

Email me to register.

Love, Your Wellness Coach,


P.S. Limited spaces available. Click HERE to get more information about Nourish Till You Flourish and join us in January. Let's do this.

December 11, 2022



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